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Paul Harris Global Consulting

There is no they, only we, the people of the earth.
  No matter how much material wealth we have, we enjoy it more when we feel secure.

Basic human needs: oxygen, warmth, water, food, sleep, exercise, peace of mind, connection, learning, serving

We can help save humanity from itself:
   - Nuclear War
   - Environmental Catastrophe
   - Pandemics
   - Economic Collapse

We help individuals and organizations realize their highest potential.  Our vision is a flourishing global culture that is peaceful, sustainable, healthy, and just.  Let's resolve conflicts peacefully from the individual to the global level.

A Hopeful Vision for the World
Paths to Global Harmony

Six Scenarios for the Second Half of the 21st Century
Journey to Earthland by Paul Raskin (2016)

U.S. WWII General George C. Marshall
Nobel Peace Prize Lecture (1953)

Improving U.S. China Relations
Tao Te Ching Presentation (2024)

A Vision to Share Work and Leisure
Work Sharing (1982)

Long-Term Global Solutions:
   - Abolishing Nuclear Weapons icanw.org
   - Restoring Environmental Wellness ceres.org
   - Ending Pandemics gavi.org
   - Creating a Just Global Economy tellus.org

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