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Harvard-Radcliffe 1971 Climate Action

Suggested Actions for HR71 Classmates

List of Climate Action Topics

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HR71 Climate Actions:

Speed Dating for Climate Change
HR71 Climate Symposium on October 24, 2021

Finding Our Carbon Footprint
Sandy Borins' Blog on November 30, 2021

HR71 Climate Action Zoom Group 4:00 to 5:00 pm ET Tuesdays - Paul Harris

HR71 Climate Action Subgroups:

(1) Regenerative Agriculture - Barry Griffin

(2) Solar Energy - Michael Wallace

(3) Public Policy, Action on the National, State and Local Levels - Peter Patch

(4) Media: Music, Art, Literature and Social Media

(5) Personal Consumption - Sandy Borins

(6) Land Use, Regulation and Urbanization

(7) Public Health, Climate Disruption, Disease Vectors - John Munk

(8) The Beauty of Nature - John Munk

(9) Direct Protest

(10) Hopeful Vision for the World