Can a G-25 Provide Effective Global Governance?

Major global issues in the 21st Century:

1.     Resolving international conflicts peacefully.

2.     Providing economic prosperity for all.

3.     Protecting the natural environment.

4.     Regulating the global financial system.

5.     Supporting a healthy global culture.

Major accomplishments of the U.N.:

1.     World Health Organization.

2.     Millennium Development Goals.

3.     East Timor.

Major problems with the U.N.

1.     General Assembly – Africa has 53 votes while North America has 3.

2.     Security Council veto.

Major benefits of the G-20

1.      Includes representatives from countries with 65% of the world’s population producing 90% of Gross World Product (see

2.     A group small enough (19 countries plus the European Union) to allow for meaningful discussion, negotiation and agreements.

Major problems with the G-20

1.     35% of the world’s population producing 10% of GWP not represented.

2.     No standing organization.


1.     Increase the G-20 to G-25 to provide representation for the 35% of the world’s population not represented in the G-20.

2.     Create a permanent G-25 organization led by world leaders not representing any nationality (e.g. Bill Gates) to focus attention on major long-term global issues.